Being perfectly imperfect….

we all have faced the times where we are insecure. we all have self-doubts and many of us have even faced identity crisis. Everyone faces insecurities at one time or the other time. I know what ย it’s like to feel inferior to others. And we don’t realize we start leading our lives in fear. But the question is why we do so and answer is as simple as the question is, because we compare ourselves to others which is not fair at all. We are different and we should celebrate our uniqueness because if we feel inferior this will prevent leader in ourselves to come across. Lets get straight to the point nobody is perfect and nobody gets what they want. So solution we which is left is to love yourself. If you are fat work hard to get in shape, if you are dusky just be proud of it because we all love Beyonce, if you don’t love your work be courageous to initiate change. See there is a solution for every problem. There are some simple tricks that can help you to overcome your fears and insecurities because its our life and lets make it large. First of all we need to stop making excuses to ourselves. i know we have questions like what if i fail? but again question remains same why are we so afraid? here we conclude all we need to do is to be brave and we need to confront our insecurities and do the things our ways, second we need to learn to love ourselves because if i am not in love with myself, how can i expect some one else to love me. Third we need to trust our instincts, no matter what others say. Fourth is just stop making efforts to impress others and try to have attitude like ” i am awesome”.

Dude its your life make it awesome, celebrate your uniqueness, be happy because its good to be perfectly imperfect, if you think you are average just be average with touch of awesomeness in it. take care



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