Busy life!!!!!!

hey guys, i am back. today i was on my way to meet some of my friends since it was Sunday. But then i noticed a girl, she was smartly dressed in her formal attire. I thought dude its Sunday and there should be no formals on Sundays. I was in my thoughts right then her phone rang. It seemed  like she was having chit chat with her mommy. she was telling her mother that she cannot take leave from her work place as her promotions are just around a corner and so she can’t be at home for her sister’s engagement. She was damn serious about her career and very ambitious . But then i heard an announcement that we almost reached next station and that was my destination. But that girl was still on mind. I was shocked because it was strange for me to see people are not relaxing. They are just chasing materialistic goals. 


guys lets just give it a thought we have got this one life. i know that people have to work make careers and enjoy all luxuries of life but at what cost? what is the point in working so hard if person can’t spend time with family. just try to think when was the last time when we have spent quality time with our families, when was the last time we walked on green grass, when was the last time we enjoyed rain, when was the last time we laughed with our friends. And trust me if you remember those great moments you have a life and if don’t have any such memory then seriously you guys need to get life because when we will be hospitals spending

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last days of life then we will not have any precious memory to look at and smile. Live each day like that it is last day of your life.


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